• Sean M. Holloway. University of Kansas. Wideband Radar Simulator for Evaluating of Direction-of-Arrival Processing. Poster and Report.
  • Richmond Adjei. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and Indiana University. Evaluating Techniques for Image Classification. Poster.
  • Tori Wilborn & Omar Owens. Elizabeth City State University, Winston Salam University, and Indiana University. Exploring Learning Algorithms for Layer Identification from Polar Radar Imagery. Poster.
  • Maya Smith & Anthony Scott. Winston Salem University and Indiana University. Analyzing Stock Data Using Multi- Dimensional Scaling. Poster.
  • Daniel Da Silva & Paulo Chagas. Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Universidade Federal do Para, and Indiana University. Cloud Computing with Cloudmesh. Poster and report.
  • Carolyn Kiriakos. Stony Brook University. Semantic Annotation of Venues Using Geo- Tagged Social Media Data. Poster.
  • Ian Kenney. Arizona State University. Biomolecular benchmark systems. Report.
  • Nikhil Shenoy and George Chantzialexiou. Rutgers University. Testing, Integration, Development of SPARK for MIDAS. Report.
  • Md Enayat Ullah. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Mentor - Dr. Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University. Approximation in Large Summation Problems using Sampling. Poster.

These REUs were partially supported by the National Science Foundation Grants ACI-1443054: CIF21 DIBBs: Middleware and High Performance Analytics Libraries for Scalable Data Science and PLR-1263061: REU Site: Arctic and Antarctic Project (AaA-REU) with Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Component.